Cramped Room of Death (NSP, XCI) ROM

Release DateJuly 19, 2023
GenreAdventure, Arcade, Puzzle
Publisher & Developer Nicalis
ConsoleNintendo Switch
Game Version0.22.5
Image FormatNSP, XCI
Required Firmware14.1.2
No. of PlayersSingle System (1)
ESRB RatingEveryone 10+
Supported Play Modes Handheld mode, TV mode, Tabletop mode
LanguageEnglish, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese

Cramped Room of Death: Daring adventurer Lance was a party lover, but one fateful night, he overindulged and fell into a deep slumber. The despicable Vizardians seized this opportunity to pilfer his treasure and strip him of his weapons, leaving only his colossal spear. Determined, Lance ventured into the perilous catacombs to confront the thieves and reclaim his belongings. However, he soon realized why the spear had been abandoned: the narrow chambers barely accommodated its size!

The Perfect Sequence of Actions

Within this demanding dungeon quest, every room poses a mind-bending puzzle with tight corners, treacherous traps, and zero room for mistakes. Your task is simple: thrust your giant spear at every foe to unlock the subsequent door. Yet, there are instances when you can’t even turn to face them due to the hallways’ narrowness and the spear’s length. Sliding blocks, crumbling platforms, spiked floors… careful planning is crucial if you wish to recover your stolen treasure.


  • 5 stages, consisting of 170 distinctive rooms
  • Unveil secret levels
  • Encounter 5 distinct enemy types
  • Navigate 12 varieties of traps and obstacles
  • Face 10 different perilous outcomes
  • Unlock 12 character skins
  • Utilize a special key to facilitate level completion


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ID: 01002A3017DE2000 (US, EU)

Cramped Room of Death NSP ROM (Base) (eShop)

File Size: 755.30MB

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