Demon Skin (NSP, XCI) ROM

Release DateMay 5, 2023
GenreAction, Other, Platformer, Role-Playing
Publisher & Developer ESDigital Games
ConsoleNintendo Switch
Game Version1.0
Image FormatNSP
Required Firmware13.2.0
No. of PlayersSingle System (1)
ESRB RatingTeen
Supported Play Modes TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode
LanguageEnglish, French, German, Russian, Spanish

Demon Skin is a ruthless hack-n-slash action-platformer set in a gritty dark fantasy realm. It seamlessly blends unique combat mechanics, RPG elements, fighting game mechanics, and even platforming aspects. With its flexible combat system, players can devise their own personalized tactics by skillfully combining different stances and a variety of weapons to achieve optimal efficiency in battle.

The darkness has permeated the farthest reaches of the universe, posing a grave threat to the world. Only the formidable Order of Wanderers, blessed with superhuman divine powers, can stand against this impending doom. Among the Wanderers, one bears witness to a sinister ritual aimed at resurrecting a powerful ancient artifact. In an attempt to thwart the ceremony, the Wanderer is engulfed in the energy unleashed by the artifact and is transformed into a demon instantaneously!

The transformed Wanderer now yearns to regain their former appearance, but it requires retrieving the stolen artifact. Thus, the hero embarks on a perilous quest to find the artifact, battling hordes of demons along the way.

Key Features:

  • Intense and intricate combat system: Master various stances to swiftly parry attacks and unleash devastating finishing moves. Manage your character’s stamina and physical condition indicators, as they directly influence the outcome of battles.
  • Extensive skill tree: Gain experience to learn new combos and enhance your health, stamina, and attack power.
  • The diverse array of enemies: From skeletons, zombies, and spiders to werewolves, lizards, and golems, each foe demands a different approach and strategy.
  • A vast arsenal of monster-slaying weapons: Choose from over 30 types of sharp and blunt weapons, with each type being particularly effective against specific enemy types. Engage in combat even with bare hands for an entertaining, albeit less effective, experience.
  • Uncover secrets and acquire artifacts: Explore hidden locations within the game world to discover rare and ancient artifact weapons. Unlock incredible super skills upon reaching certain levels.
  • Harness the power of demons: Collect Crystal shards to augment your strength, construct bone armor, and transform into a fearsome demon.
  • Eerie landscapes within the dark fantasy setting: Traverse icy wastelands, treacherous dungeons, twilight forests, and undead dwellings. This brutal world has a life of its own, where terrifying creatures inhabit it, not always acting as adversaries. Along your journey, you will encounter formidable allies in addition to enemies.


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ID: 01006FE0146EC000 (US, EU)

Demon Skin NSP ROM (Base) (eShop)

File Size: 5.01GB

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