DuckStation is a free and open-source PlayStation emulator developed primarily by stenzek. It features PGXP, upscaling, texture filtering, overclocking, advanced “cheat” code support, CHD support, and a graphical interface. It received a significant amount of popularity, even surpassing ePSXe and PCSX-Reloaded, due to its use of own proprietary plugins, incredible emulation accuracy, comfortable and appealing Qt-based interface, good variety of emulation settings, and a good level of compatibility.

DuckStation is designed for playability and speed, with the goal of being as accurate as possible while maintaining performance on a broad range of devices. The default configuration is intended to support all playable games, with only some of the enhancements having compatibility issues. 64-bit CPUs are required for maximum performance using the recompiler.

DuckStation was used as a testing ground for code that would be added to Dolphin. stenzek has even said the UI was pulled directly from Dolphin since it was “designed in conjunction with actual UI/UX people”.

The Qt front end includes an automatic update checker. Builds downloaded after 2020/08/07 will automatically check for updates each time the emulator starts, this can be disabled in Settings. Alternatively, you can force an update check by clicking Help → Check for Updates.


Download Links

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Download Duckstation for Windows (v0.1-6461)

File Size: 23.8MB

Download Duckstation for Mac (v0.1-6461)

File Size: 23.8MB

Download Duckstation for Android (v0.1-6461)

File Size: 15.3MB

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