Harmony: The Fall of Reverie (NSP, XCI) ROM

Release DateJune 8, 2023
GenreAdventure, Other, Strategy
Publisher & Developer DON’T NOD
ConsoleNintendo Switch
Game Version1.0
Image FormatNSP
Required Firmware16.0.1
No. of PlayersSingle System (1)
ESRB RatingMature
Supported Play Modes TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode
LanguageEnglish, French, German, Spanish

Harmony: The Fall of Reverie: In this captivating adventure, peer into the tapestry of time and determine the destiny of humanity amidst a multitude of possibilities. With the power of clairvoyance, it is up to you to prevent an impending apocalypse that threatens the delicate balance between our world and the realm of the deities.

The Prologue: Step into the near future, where Polly returns home in search of her missing mother, only to encounter a drastically transformed hometown. The influential megacorporation MK wields its control over the populace, placing her community in grave peril.

Unleash Your Gift: As Polly delves deeper into her journey, she discovers an extraordinary gift: clairvoyance, a connection to Reverie, the realm of Aspirations. Here, she assumes the role of Harmony, an Oracle with the ability to shape the ruling Aspiration and restore harmony between the two worlds.

The Weight of Choice: The fate of humanity hangs in the balance, and it is within your power to decide its destiny. As Polly, or as Harmony, every action you take will reverberate through both realms. Utilize the Augural, a game board that visualizes Polly’s foresight, to explore the consequences of your choices and traverse sprawling narrative paths.

The Path Unveiled: Embark on your chosen path, forging deep connections and acquiring crystals from the Aspirations. These crystals unlock diverging paths at critical crossroads, altering the course of the story and shaping the ultimate fate of humanity.

Discover the Heart: The Aspiration that comes to reign over Reverie will also become the new heart of humanity. With Harmony’s guidance, this entity will transform both worlds, influencing the state of our reality. Glory, Bliss, Power, Chaos, Bond, and Truth each possess distinct personalities and visions for a better future. As Polly, only you can discern which path will best serve your world’s needs.

A World Alive: Immerse yourself in a vibrant, futuristic Mediterranean city brought to life through captivating art direction. Engage with a fully voiced and animated cast of characters, and relish in an enchanting soundtrack crafted by the acclaimed composer, Lena Raine.

Unveil the secrets of time, embrace your clairvoyant abilities, and shape the destiny of humanity in this rich and colorful adventure that transcends the boundaries of reality and the divine.


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ID: 0100A65017D68000 (US, EU)

Harmony: The Fall of Reverie NSP ROM (Base) (eShop)

File Size: 4.20GB

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