Resident Evil 4 (NSP, XCI) ROM + v1.0.2 Update

Release DateMay 21, 2019
Publisher & Developer CAPCOM
ConsoleNintendo Switch
Game Version1.0.2
Image FormatNSP, XCI
Required Firmware13.2.0
No. of PlayersSingle System (1)
ESRB RatingMature
Supported Play Modes TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode
LanguageUS: English, French, German, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
JP: Japanese

Resident Evil 4, released in 2005, is a third-person shooter survival horror game developed by Capcom. The game follows the story of Leon S. Kennedy, a former Raccoon City police officer, who is now a government agent tasked with rescuing the US president’s daughter, Ashley Graham, from a mysterious cult in a remote European village.

Unlike previous Resident Evil games, Resident Evil 4 featured a more action-oriented gameplay style with over-the-shoulder camera angles and a new control scheme. Players could aim and shoot weapons more accurately, and the game introduced quick-time events, where players had to react to on-screen prompts to dodge attacks or perform finishing moves.

The game also introduced new enemy types, such as the chainsaw-wielding Ganados and the regenerating Verdugo, adding to the already terrifying enemies in the Resident Evil franchise. The game’s storyline, which involved a new parasitic organism known as Las Plagas, also expanded on the franchise’s lore.


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ID: 010099A00BC1E000 (US, EU, AS)

Resident Evil 4 NSP ROM (Base) (eShop)

File Size: 12.98GB

Resident Evil 4 XCI ROM (Base) (Dumped)

File Size: 13.36GB

Resident Evil 4 UPDATE (v1.0.2)

File Size: 14.84MB

ID: 010063900BC1C000 (JP)

Resident Evil 4 NSP ROM (Base) (eShop)

File Size: 12.97GB

Resident Evil 4 XCI ROM (Base) (Dumped)

File Size: 13.36GB

Resident Evil 4 UPDATE (v1.0.1)

File Size: 14.18MB

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