Darksiders Genesis (NSP, XCI) ROM + v1.0.3 Update

Release DateFeb 14, 2020
GenreAction, Adventure
Publisher & Developer THQ Nordic
ConsoleNintendo Switch
Game Version1.0.3
Image FormatNSP, XCI
Required Firmware9.2.0
No. of PlayersSingle System (1-2), Local wireless (1-2), Online (1-2)
ESRB RatingTeen
Supported Play Modes Handheld mode, TV mode, Tabletop mode
LanguageEnglish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

Darksiders Genesis – After the Four Horsemen have attacked and decimated the Nephilim in Eden, they are summoned by the Charred Council. The Council suspects that the demon king Lucifer is planning something with Samael to upset the Balance and orders War and Strife to investigate. After invading Samael’s keep, they find it under attack from another Master of Hell, albeit a lesser one: Moloch. Samael informs them that he is not in league with Lucifer and the current attack on him is the result of that. Before he can say anything else, Moloch attacks and Samael teleports the Horsemen to the Void to find and talk to his associate.

The Horsemen travel through the Void and find Vulgrim to be the associate Samael spoke of. Vulgrim informs them that he can help track down Lucifer but he needs several artifacts. After collecting the required artifacts Vulgrim informs them that Lucifer has paid a visit to Mammon, another Master of Hell. Samael arrives at this point and suggests that the Horsemen find Mammon and make him talk about Lucifer. They find Mammon with several relics and weapons from Eden. After killing him, the Horsemen return to Vulgrim and Samael where they learn that Lucifer has opened a path to Eden, bringing its sacred water and turning it into poison. The demon Belial is in charge of this operation. After stopping the operation, they confront and defeat Belial but spare him. After the Horsemen leave, Lucifer arrives and punishes him.

The Horsemen learn that Dagon, the Drowned King is also helping Lucifer as the latter has offered Eden to him. Meanwhile, they meet Abaddon, the guardian angel of Eden. He informs them that Lucifer is spreading corruption and asks them to help him cleanse Eden. Afterwards, the Horsemen track down and kill Dagon. They return to the Void and Samael advises them to destroy the source of Moloch’s power before they attack him. They do so and together with Samael, they attack and kill Moloch. However, before his death, Moloch tells them that Lucifer’s plan is complete and Samael knows about it.

After returning to the Void, Samael tells the Horsemen that Lucifer had asked for the souls of the Masters of Hell after their death in exchange for their services. Samael also tells them that Lilith is plotting with Lucifer as well and together they have made an artifact called the “Animus” which is fueled by the souls of the Masters of Heaven and Hell who had accepted Lucifer’s offer. This artifact is used on Earth to corrupt mankind, turning them into the volatile and self-destructive species they grow to become later on. The Horsemen go to Earth to find mankind living in sin and realize that they have helped Lucifer achieve his goal. Lucifer talks to them through a human child and tells the Horsemen that the corruption of humankind is spreading and cannot be stopped.

Afterwards, they return to the Charred Council who declares that humankind needs to be watched as a Third Kingdom. They then forge the Seven Seals as a treaty to uphold the balance between Heaven and Hell: three of them coming from the demonic planes and three more coming from the angelic keeps and one from the Council itself. They declare whoever breaks the treaty shall suffer the wrath of the Horsemen, setting the stage for the future games.


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ID: 0100F2300D4BA000

Darksiders Genesis NSP ROM (Base)

File Size: 10.62GB

Darksiders Genesis UPDATE (v1.0.3)

File Size: 116.79MB

Darksiders Genesis XCI ROM (Base + v1.0.3 Update)

File Size: 10.74GB

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